Minty feels like family.  They don’t make you feel that you are “on camera” but instead, allow you to feel comfortable and be yourself.  They catch what we want to remember forever.  Those frozen moments in time we can viscerally remember.  They find the most important parts of all of us in seconds and give us the gift of those memories.  They catch those moments beautifully.  They catch the true self of everyone they film.  They are no stress, no pressure, non-traditional and think out of the box.  They do their homework and come prepared.

Inviting, professional, calming, super duper fun, talented!

- Ali Woerner, Assistant Professor of Dance, Oakland University


Sam and Viv went with the flow.  They were willing to go wherever on the fly.  We didn’t really have a timeline planned out but they were down to work with whatever we threw their direction.  It was great because it was one less thing we had to worry about trying to perfect for our wedding day.  They made it easy.  Our day was forever remembered because Minty captured the greatest moments of our big day, forever reminding us how fun and beautiful it was. 

Professional, artistic, spontaneous, versatile

- Corporal Melissa Torres


Minty was very casual while still being incredibly professional.  They were willing to do everything we requested of them and then gave great advice on what they thought would be best.  I felt very relaxed and at ease because they just seem like they had all my worries taken care of.  If you want ease and perfect pictures, hire minty.

QUALITY, fun, listening, worry free!

- Luke Paraventi


The process of researching local photographers was very dry and boring. There were moments when I thought I had clicked on the same website twice because they were all pretty much the same - weddings and baby photos. I understand the importance of creating a ‘warm and fuzzy’ experience, but I wasn’t interested in weddings and baby photos or feeling warm and fuzzy. I wanted an artist. I was after a talented, creative artist who could highlight the art of automotive paint restoration (as opposed to a boring picture of a still automobile). I searched and searched, until I came across Minty. From the moment the Minty homepage loaded, it was clear to me that I had stumbled upon something special and unique. Yes, there are wedding photos, but they are images that actually grab your attention and pull you in. Isn’t that the point of hiring a photographer - to make the moment special and lasting, not boring and generic? The Minty photos look more like masterpieces that should be hung on a wall. They would look out of place collecting dust on side tables. As an automotive paint restoration business, I wanted the quality of our work to stand out and highlight the artistic side of the business. I chose Minty to help and they delivered. The experience was very personal and straightforward. They invest the time into delivering a quality product that you’ll want to show off. My favorite part of Minty is that they are true artists. If you have ideas and visions or you’re completely empty, a true artist should be able to create a masterpiece with very little information or material. In my opinion, this is what separates an artist from a photographer. It is possible that I have high expectations… 

Because they are so flexible, comfortable with change, diverse, open to ideas, etc., it really showed me that they had the confidence or intangibles to deliver such excellent work. From growing the Mint Your Car brand and building a community, to attracting prospective clients, Minty has played a critical role in the success of my business. Minty has been the best investment I have made as a business owner. If you’re looking for a true artist to create your very own masterpiece, go with Minty.

- Zeke Costello, Owner/Founder Mint Your Car, LLC  MintYourCar.com


Our favorite part about working with Minty was how comfortable they made us feel during the shoot.  We could be ourselves, which made the photos turn out more natural than other photo shoots we have been on. Minty Photography is willing to work with their customers to make sure they get what they need and are completely satisfied.  We needed some photos touched up quickly and had some unique requests.  Minty immediately responded and had completed everything we needed quickly and with professional quality that we were proud of.  We cannot tell you how many compliments we have received from our photos by Minty.  We are so happy with their service and will be sure to hire them for our next project.

Professional, High Quality, Personalized Service, Reasonable Prices!

- The Wilking Family


My favorite part about Minty was their true desire to discover my vision for my wedding pictures and then carry that out.  I could tell they really listened to me because the pictures were exactly what I was hoping for.  They couldn’t have done a better job with the pictures and they were beyond friendly and caring.  As a bride, having a vendor that is low-maintenance and does a perfect job is basically as good as it gets. 

Easy, understanding, friendly, professional

- Kyla Paraventi


I loved that Sam and Vivian worked well together and communicated with us. We weren't ever confused or concerned. They kept us in the loop and explained things as needed. Plus they read each other’s mind so I completely trusted them! I am so lucky I was able to have them for our “Afterglow” pictures. If only we had them for all of our previous special moments! They were amazing, relaxing, and fun!

- Rachel May