Who is Minty?

Minty Photography is a team! 

Sam Paraventi : Creator, Photographer, Videographer

Vivian Costello : Creative Director, Second Shooter

Noah Paraventi : Videographer, Editor

Meeting in the third grade, Sam and Viv have a relationship built on love, laughter and healthy debates.  Always interested in photography, Viv gave Sam his first camera and the rest was history.  In 2013, when asked by his brother "Will you be my best man?" Sam  responded "Yes! ...but will I still be able to shoot your wedding?".  And that's how it all began.  Being a professional dancer, Vivian is prepped for the attention to detail, "show must go on" mentality, and dedication it takes to shoot weddings.  Coupled with Sam's technical eye and creative mind- it's a match made in heaven!  Noah, Sam's brother, has recently joined the Minty Photography team and is an asset that Sam and Viv are lucky to have.